Comic 175 - Avian drift
24th Nov 2021, 6:01 PM
Avian drift
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
As a fan of Initial D (and motorsports in general): you don't know how hard it was to resist the urge to meme the hell out of this page!
User comments:
ColorBirb edit delete reply
Hoh! drift king!
Hogan edit delete reply
Ah! I got it! He rather wants to be shamed by being taken out by a chickenknight than surrendering... makes sense... XD
Microraptor edit delete reply
After realizing that this opponent is indeed superior, he rightly figures that there is no shame in giving up after all!
Llywenna (Guest) edit delete reply
If she had a Giant Dire Hummingbird she could show him the 'hover' then the 'back up' ;)