Comic 72 - Confronting the big bad
28th Nov 2020, 7:20 PM
Confronting the big bad
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
Imagine fighting and dodging dozens of bandits and guards to finally arrive at the boss' chamber and then he tries to explain the situation instead of doing a megalomaniac monologue.
User comments:
sic (Guest) edit delete reply
isn't "explaining the situation" and "doing the megalomaniac monologue" pretty much the same thing?
sobers_guild edit delete reply
Yup, pretty much. Only difference is the content of the message, I guess
Frank (Guest) edit delete reply
The level of implied menace is different. And disappointing if you were looking forward to it.

By the way, I wasn't. But I'm sure the ladies were
sobers_guild edit delete reply
Correct, in both sentences. Imagine spending 40 damn turns to don that full plate... for nothing!