Comic 43 - Revengeance
19th Aug 2020, 4:58 PM
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
Yes, Julia is an accomplished adventurer and a mid-to-high-level bard but so many against one might be difficult even for her!

Also we started making cameos of our fellow artists' characters and we'll keep it rolling for a while. In this page we have Timelapse11's crime boss Harper Roz from The Underground Empire and Microraptor's World's Best Pirate™ Captain Camilla from Cryptida, check those out too!
User comments:
Microraptor edit delete reply
World's Best Pirate™! :-D (Camilla would probably agree...)
Thanks again for including her!
Bin (Guest) edit delete reply
A cavalcade of cameos.
Bin (Guest) edit delete reply
A cavalcade of cameos.