Comic 128 - Warm food and comfy beds, pt.2
12th Jun 2021, 6:01 PM
Warm food and comfy beds, pt.2
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
As a long time DM, I can confirm that some bards and mages have lost all their HP for much less of a joke in our campaigns.
User comments:
Hogan edit delete reply
yeah, guess she's allowed being surprised, Gnolls ARE usually a rare sight in cities, civilized or not :-)
sic (Guest) edit delete reply
So she either dropped her weapon or her spider in order to give Nydia her hand...

Also, Doormat is a very fitting name for a lazy doggo ;-)
Llywenna (Guest) edit delete reply
We usually don't see Gnolls unless they're with other Gnolls
and even then all the pillaging and burning makes it hard to really tell
Frank Harr (Guest) edit delete reply
A little spousal teasing's O.K.

I will not talk smack about you on Yelp, THIS time.