Comic 127 - Warm food and comfy beds, pt.1
9th Jun 2021, 6:01 PM
Warm food and comfy beds, pt.1
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
As the title implies, here comes some pages of downtime roleplay. Yes, those parts that some of us skip to get back to action ASAP.
User comments:
Llywenna (Guest) edit delete reply
That's the best part :)
Hacking and slashing is rolling dice, real RP between characters takes work.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Welcome to the "inn" inn. We scraped out advertising budget and pass the savings to you.

And now we get to see what Serket eats.
Frank Harr (Guest) edit delete reply
When you're this good, why waste the money?

You're a flea trap!

And we have to sell those fleas to make a profit, THANK you.
Frank Harr (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm looking forward to the release portion of the tension-release cycle.