Comic 121 - Time to say goodbye
19th May 2021, 6:01 PM
Time to say goodbye
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Author Notes:
sobers_guild edit delete
What was the most exotic creature ever you or your party adopted in a game? Once I adopted a big brown hyena and several game sessions later she went to adopt a swan.
User comments:
Llywenna (Guest) edit delete reply
See ? it's stalking it's prey...don't put that fire out yet.
sic (Guest) edit delete reply
"furry mom" is perfect to deposit your eggs into ;-)
blblbl (Guest) edit delete reply
Once I read a story about a woman having a spider cocoon in her hair, and one morning many tiny spiders crawled all over her face.
Ham (Guest) edit delete reply
That ain't the Epic movie star 'Big Ass Spider' from the appropriately titled 'Big Ass Spider'.
Frank Harr (Guest) edit delete reply
Or . . . an opportunity?

No, it's just a problem.